Everyone needs to run ... but include a Heart Rate Monitor, and experience the difference. It's all about quality training ... it's Heart Rate Monitor training!

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Heart Rate Monitor Training

Heart rate training has only recently became available to the ordinary athlete. Great progress was made in this field over the last decade. Initially heart rate monitoring could only be done in laboratories, and was only available to the professional athlete.

Fortunately, due to the rapid growth of technology, Heart Rate Monitors are now also available to the general sport enthusiast. However, how to make use of the monitor and what to set the training zones to, is one of the stumbling blocks this calculator can solve.

The calculator calculates heart rates based on the Karvonen formula. More about this formula can be obtained from the Polar Heart Rate Monitor web site, or look at the links page here.

Feedback regarding the accuracy of this calculator or how to improve it would be highly appreciated. Send e-mail to info@sportsdigest.co.za.

Heart Rate Calculator

Using The Heart Rate Calculator

Heart Rate Information
Measured Maximum Heart Rate (MMHR)
Resting Heart Rate (RHR)
Calculated Maximum Heart Rate (MHR)
Heart Rate Values
Target Zone % of Intensity Heart Rate Values Type of Training
Min Max Min Max
Active Recovery  %  % Warmup & Down, Overdistance (LSD) & Strength (Gym)
Aerobic Endurance  %  % Overdistance (LSD), Endurance, Speed & Strength (Gym)
Aerobic Stamina  %  % Endurance
[Max 5-30mins sessions]
Strength (Gym)
Lactate Tolerance  %  % Intervals, Hills & Race/Pace
[Max 1-5mins sessions]
Maximum  %  % Racing & Speed
(Peaking Sprints)
[Max 1min sessions]

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