Everyone needs to run ... but include the walk - it helps! Everyone needs to walk ... it helps! Everyone needs to cycle to experience speed. Swim, Canoe, Cycle and Run ... Triathletes do it all! Get that heart going ... but monitor it!

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The History of Time Prediction

Predicting times for alternative distances is probably one of the topics mostly under discussion whenever athletes meet. However, there is no definite mathematical calculation to predict times because individual training programmes, health, mental capacity, etc. all comes into play when determining these targets. As long as the athlete understands this concept, calculations with these calculators are very accurate.

The Conversion Calculator is there for the everyday calculations. It's used to calculate pace, speed, time or distance. The Run Time Prediction Calculator was developed to assist the runner in predicting times for longer and shorter distances. The same calculator can be used for Swimming and Cycling and takes fatigue into account. As a matter of interest, the formula was tested on the times achieved by Ian Thorpe (Australian Swimmer) during the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. Predictions were only with a mere second out.

A Triathlete's Calculator was developed based on the Run Time Prediction Calculator to assist triathletes in determining times for longer and shorter events.

The calculators were developed over a period of time, and are there to assist you in predicting reasonable times for future races taking into consideration the effect of fatigue.

A calculator for calculating Walking Strategies as often referred to and used by Norrie Williamson is also available, as well as a Heart Rate Calculator for calculating that Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) and target zones.

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