Conrad, the role model, Johan who taught me to never give up, and Colin who got me into running. My inspiration - Conrad, Johan and Colin (Far Right).

My wife Lizelle, my son Reenen and daughter Menieke - They're my life, pride and joy! Thanks to my wife and kids for all the support in making this dream come true.

Thank you again for visiting this web site, and I trust you will return
to this site more often.

I figured that getting to know me, would help in understanding where I am going to. I was born in Pretoria (South Africa) in 1964. I matriculated in 1982, completed two year military service, and then did my BSc (QS) at Tukkies (University of Pretoria).

My love for sport started at an early age, and my main disciplines were swimming and running. Cycling I only did as a means of getting to and from school. I went through a resting period between the ages of 25 to 30, and I started running again in 1995. Since then I have completed:

  • Two Comrades Marathons (1996 and 1998),
  • Six Two Oceans Ultra Marathons (1995-2000),
  • Two City to City (50km) Ultra Marathons.

That's about me for ultras. Did quite a few marathons, 32km's, and all the shorter distances. I wouldn't qualify for any records, representing the province, country or universe, so basically I'm the ordinary sportsman with an enthusiasm second to none for individual sport and especially in the development thereof. I like to compete against myself though!

The Web site Idea

The main idea of Sports Digest started with the creation of a database of registered athletes in South Africa. Initially the emphasis and planning will be concentrated around the requirements of road running in South Africa as far as reports are concerned, but other sporting activities will follow shortly.

The governing bodies for the different sports will be able to, due to the structure of the system and secure access, monitor all performances of registered athletes to ensure the development of individual sports such as swimming, cycling, road running, athletics, canoeing, tri-; and biathlon, etc.

The main purpose and aim of Sports Digest is to provide the South African sporting population with a door into their own results and performances. By being, and register as, a Sports Digest member, the athlete will be able to get, compare, analyse and use his results for races completed to motivate him/herself into new goals and achievements. Unfortunately registration is not yet active.

Direct links and e-commerce to sporting companies, sponsorships and sport brands will also be available at the member's fingertips. Using the sport related information in the database, a whole new world opens up for the research and development of the individual sports, as well as in the field of gear, equipment and accessories required.

The core of the system would be a web-based database that will be used to analyse and improve all levels of athletes in South Africa through various systems and services.

This site is a dream come true, and there is a lot to come!!

Enjoy your sport, it's a God given talent ... use it!!!

Yours in sport
Anton Steenkamp

If you need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Please visit again to see how this site expands into unlimited territory.

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