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The History of Triathlon Time and Pace Calculator

Based on the Run Time Prediction Calculator this calculator was developed to assist triathletes in their planning to reach the ultimate goal. The calculator is used to predict finish times for all three disciplines in triathlons.

Any feedback, positive or negative, on this calculator will be appreciated. It was developed due to the keen interest in the sport by the developer. Send e-mail to the developer at info@sportsdigest.co.za.

Triathlon Time and Pace Calculator

Using The Triathlon Time and Pace Calculator

Triathlon Race Time Prediction
Distance Time Pace/Km Distance Time Pace/Km
hrs  min  sec min  sec hrs  min  sec min  sec
Swim/Canoe   Km          Km       
Cycle   Km       Km/h    Km       Km/h 
 Run    Km          Km       
    Total Time    

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