Everyone needs to walk ... it helps! Walking are for those who will achieve their goals!

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The History of the Walking Strategy Calculator

By walking at regular intervals during any race, the athlete manages to recover to a certain extend. One of the views behind this strategy is the fact that we should decide whether we want to run a race as we train, or train as we run a race. During the normal training session athletes have to stop on regular intervals to take some water, or wait at a traffic intersection. The body gets used to this type of exercise, so adapt it into your race conditions, plan for it, and reach your goal. It's far easier to adapt your racing to your training than training to your racing.

Norrie Williamson, author of "Everyone's Guide to Distance Running" and well known South African coach, developed a walking strategy often used by top athletes. Please refer to his web site for more information and detail.

This calculator was developed to assist athletes in calculating a walking strategy for any distance based on the following required inputs;

  • Race Distance
  • Planned Race Time
  • Planned Walking Intervals (Distance at which walks would occur)
  • Walking Speed
  • Walking Time

Walk Strategy Time and Pace Calculator

Using the Walk Strategy Time and Pace Calculator

Race and Time Details
Race Name
Race Date
Race Distance & Time  Km hrs  min  sec
Walking Information
Walking Interval & Speed  Km  Km/h
Walking Time/Session min   sec Distance/Session
Walking Strategy
Planned Pace/Km min   sec In calculating a walking strategy, walking time and distance are deducted from the planned race distance and time, hence the revised pace. Due to the slower pace when walking, the pace increases for the remainder of the race.

The planned Walking Interval distance are also adjusted to ensure that you do equal splits between walking intervals. During a race this is not always possible and you might want to schedule your walks to occur at the watering points for taking supplements, food, etc. However, try and stay as close as possible to the scheduled distances.

The recommended Walking Speed might seem slow, but this enables you to recover more, and to get ready for the next session.

Revised Pace
Number of Walks
Total Walking Time hrs  min  sec
Total Walking Distance  Km
Distance  Km
Repeat same for number of walks, and finish
off with the final interval as follows:
Final Interval
Distance  Km
Whatever happens, remember the words ... DON'T QUIT!

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